How Does Medicus Driver Help With Your Drive?

The dual hinge swing trainer Medicus Driver is by and large one of the best swing trainer of Medicus, no less than what Medicus claims it.

Huge with a 460 cc head, the trainer is tough and solid, it is no trouble to train even with golf balls.

It does not matter as well, where you’ll use the driver. You could engage it right at home or at the golf range without any problem.

The dual hinge technology used by the driver provides instant feedback of your swing. The hinge opens automatically to inform you that your swing is off plane or even if you’re making a slice.

No more guessing games when you’re using this driver from Medicus. If used consistently, the time will come when you would no longer find it tough avoiding slices and be able to drive straighter, further along with accurate shots.

The beauty of the Medicus Driver is that it forces you to get to the right stance while making a swing. As you already know, many faults in the swing are the result of improper stance.

It goes without saying therefore that when you use such dual hinge driver consistently, you’ll be extra conscious on your stance, resulting to an ideal swing.

This revolutionary Medicus Driver guarantees that you would develop your swing with consistent practice. It builds your muscle memory, so producing a swing becomes a no-brainer.

If the Medicus training clubs are all just excitement, you won’t hear the very best golf gurus, especially Mark O’Meara, Jack Lumpkin, Bruce Fleischer as well as Hank Haney talking about them, but the actual fact is, they do.

Available in right hand and left hand models, the Medicus Driver is a superb instruction product for beginner golf players, as well as women and junior golf players.

Purchasing the training driver gets you one more reward – an educational DVD. Take time to watch the DVD before using the trainer as you would want to know the correct way to use it properly.

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